Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Super sweet

As mentioned in my post here I'm a Bzzagent and I've received some free samples of Splenda.

I don't take sugar in tea or coffee, so I was pleased to realise I had some fresh mint from my mum, a fab little teapot and therefore an opportunity to try the sweetener in some Moroccan style mint tea.

I poured the tea (just steeped a handful of mint leaves) onto the sweetener and was surprised to see it dissolve easily.  Friends in the past have complained about this aspect of sweeteners. 

I tasted the tea and it was extremely sweet for my liking.  Once I had sipped and topped up my cup it was a lot better.  I was pleased that there was no aftertaste but would have preferred the tablets to come in half teaspoonful equivalents

My next adventure will be baking with Splenda - there are a few adjustments I'll have to make to take into account how the sweetener will behave compared to sugar.  I hope whatever I decide to make turns out OK as I'm going to take it to my knitting group to sample
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