Monday, June 07, 2010


We had a quick overnight visit to my mum last week and took our GPSr with us to do a spot of geocaching.  Five of us wandered along the canal bank, desperately trying to find two microcaches in a glitteringly hot afternoon.  Despite our best efforts we failed to find either, but we had a great time underachieving.  Wandering about the Lincolnshire countryside was balm to my soul, particularly when we explored a deconsecrated church and graveyard that is soon to be converted into housing.  The nettles were far too tall to let us try to read the old gravestones or poke about in any way.  I couldn't see any interesting statuary apart from one very weathered stone cross with a carved wreath on it, but there did seem to be a preponderance of graves with rails around them.  I wonder if that's a local preference or reflects the countryside position of the church?

DS surprised me by asking to be shown how to knit.  He took to it immediately and has progressed onto purl, so who knows if I will soon be shooing him away from my stash and knit pros?

On the way back we stopped off at the Wragby Maze.  It was a bit expensive for what was there, it's not worth a special journey and we'll never have to go again, but for the one time we were there the lovelies enjoyed running around the maze, laughing at the topiary, playing on the putting green (DS was particularly happy as he scored a hole in one!) and just relaxing in the sunshine together.

The whole place had a very old fashioned feel to it and reminded me of my childhood summers in some vague way.  I think because there was so little in your face, laid on amusements in view - a case of making our own entertainment with the equipment and space available
I was particularly taken with these cheery little fellows and their opposition - some equally lovely looking worms that I managed to take a horribly blurred photo of - shame.  I think they were to play noughts and crosses with
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