Sunday, June 13, 2010


I decided to make the marmalade and poppy seed teabread recipe from the Splenda website so that the knitting group could sample Splenda in a recipe (mainly because I love the weird flavour and texture of poppy seeds)

The recipe was really easy to follow - lucky as I had left it a bit late.  Quite a few ingredients but really quick to put together.  The timings were great and I took the cake to knitting wrapped in a checked tea towel and still warm. 

We sneakily got it out and it looked so inviting that I didn't have time to take pictures until there was only a little left:

Everyone who tried the cake liked it - most had a second piece!  No one could discern an aftertaste, which had been a concern that two had voiced, so I would say that the Splenda had been a success.  I also gave away the free samples that came in the kit so there may be some more feedback next week.
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