Friday, June 11, 2010

Glorious charm squares

Oh, I so love the kindness of strangers and online friends

Helena on Ravelry offered to send some home cut charm squares to anyone who wanted some.  I said I'd swap some with her (still to cut mine!) and waited with excitement for the envie.  And waited.  And waited.  Eventually I sent Helena a message explaining that it hadn't yet arrived, but I was worried in case she thought it had and I'd just been ingratitude personified.  About the same time she received her parcel back from the PO - totally mullered!

Anyhow, she sorted it out and we tried again and success!  I spent a good 15 minutes luxuriating in these lovelies, fondling and dreaming of what I can make

All tied up in the sunshine:

Then I came inside as the wind started to blow and I didn't fancy chasing fabric around the garden.

Look at all that inspiration.  I'm buzzing to play with it all - a bad case of startitis which I am resisting but it's hard!
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