Sunday, September 12, 2004

digital scrapping

So, I always swore to DH that I wouldn't get into card making or scrapbooking. The cardmaking is great - I don't do it for profit and have a great time using stuff that otherwise would be in ABs, but I have so far resisted sbing as it all seems so expensive and nitpicking with its need to be acid and lignin free. No longer! thanks to the ladies on a board I no longer visit I've discovered digital scrapping. Argh, as if I needed anything else to get into! But it really is fun. Once I work out how out pics on here I may just post a couple of my baby efforts

Friday, September 10, 2004

Phone services

I was thinking about directory enquiries and then my mind wandered to all of those exotic services that were detailed when I was a child.  Music, a story and no doubt many other things were once available over the land line.  I'd even like to look at the old phone or code book that once had those detail in it!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

My virgin entry

And there we have it, my first blog entry!

Monday, September 06, 2004


So, why have a blog? Because I want one is the shortest answer I suppose. Somewhere to meander in my thoughts and rant and rave, play with ideas and talk about altered things and all of the other butterfly thoughts that flit through my head.

As if I don't spend enough time on the computer as it is.

Is this the CB of the 21st century?

I'm here and on messenger with 2 altered friends 'AN Other' and Maz. Well, Maz is kind of there - mega PC probs do not seem to have been solved despite lots of reassurances and expense. Oh the blessings and curse of computers. It is far far too late for me to be up, but I'm having a good chat and enjoying working out how to use this blog. But why do I do it to myself really? I'll be knackered and grumpy in the morning and my left knee is aching from sitting too long and flexing it in odd positions