Saturday, June 19, 2010

a busy morning

While I was doing my shopping in town this morning I had a quick blast around the charity shops.  I was very, very good and did not buy anything, but I have been kicking myself ever since for not spending a measly £2.99 on this beautiful toy sewing machine (and I checked, it's been sold), but at least I'm keeping to my drive to get things out of rather than into the house!

I saw some beautiful books too, but wasn't tempted by
or by
Who knew that there'd been a jazz book club in the 60s? 

I was pleased I hadn't brought lots home with me as I had the most wonderful table full of post waiting for me
Clockwise from top left: two bookmooch books from Japan - still in the lovely brown envelope at this point; a postcrossing card from the Netherlands; a beautifully wrapped purchase - amy butler's softwares which just happened to fall into a cyberbasket yesterday (more when I've looked at that tomorrow) and most exciting - my wonderful handmade soap that Susie from Useless Beauty Designs blogged about here and was sent in unnecessary payment for the plants that I hope she has either received or that will get there on Monday (if they've not dried out and shrivelled by then, worrit worrit).  The bars are lavender and geranium and they smell wonderful - not overpowering and just wholeheartedly feminine without being sickly.  I love that they look handmade rather than machined and until they are used, they are sitting in my frillies drawer, sharing their perfume!
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