Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stew report

Brag time - the beef stew was super delicious.  I realised too late in the day that I was out of suet, so I made a cobbler topping.  I processed flour and butter together along with a little salt, then stirred in grated cheese.  Two eggs and milk were beaten together then added to the flour.  The resulting slightly sloppy mix was spooned on top in blobs and the pot taken out of the slow cooker and cooked in a medium oven for about 40 minutes.

By this time I was being driven mad by the lovely smell it was all making!  I checked about 30 mins into the cooking time and thought I had a sloppy greasy looking disaster on my hands.  10 mins later and ta daa - it looked lovely!

And tasted even better. 

Previously I've made a more scone like cobbler topping.  This one, with the additional egg and milk, made it a bit of a cross between a scone and a dumpling, with souffle overtones.  Everyone ate it, everyone enjoyed it, what more can I say?
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