Friday, May 28, 2010

Jelly roll quilt

Through Ravelry I got tempted back to quilting and am working on my first jelly roll quilt - a garden trellis design.

This morning it looked like this:

just long strips of fabric sewn together

I'm going to do a bit more decluttering then as a reward set to with my rotary cutter - hope it looks a lot more exciting after that!

I've used a roll from fabric freedom in a William Morris colourway.  I'm not totally sold on the whole jellyroll concept - it seems a bit like cheating getting all of the fabrics matched and the process becomes a bit more mechanical than I like.  Maybe that's just the design I chose though.  As for this particular roll - I had an odd number of strips and some of the strips aren't cut on grain or have been cut with pleats / folds in so they aren't straight edged.  I checked on Rav and someone else has had the same kind of problem with a moda roll, so at least I know it's not one manufacturer.

I'll update you on my progress later, off to get rid of some stuff first....
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