Friday, July 21, 2006

Onto Scotland

So, after my marathon chat with SJ, I had to drive to Scotland the next afternoon. Luckily I had Fiona with me so the time passed rapidly (and it was great to have someone else who understands the value of going to the loo as often as you can!).

I stayed with Kari, so there was a whole lot more talking and laughing, a trip to a craft shop that was closed and a visit to a tea room that was famous for its soup - no soup left. The only way was up after that - so the rest of the day included strawberry tarts; baking heat; Pictish stones; Italian icecream and paddling incorporating sanctioned book vandalism; skeins of silk at £35 each (we just fondled); witch trials, Royal seals and eighteenth century recipes that we were allowed to touch! - no wonder we were exhausted at the end of the day and fell asleep watching St Tim's 2nd DVD. After a good sleep, time for my next adventure - a day's drive to Cambridgeshire leavened by a coffee with Elizabeth.....
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