Thursday, July 06, 2006

Catching up with a sheepish grin

I got a fantastic second gift from my Artella Sprite - unfortunately I have distributed most of it into my overflowing craft room so there are no photos. I just want to acknowledge and honour MaryElizabeth for her generosity.

I also got a fabulous magic yarn ball through Swap-bot from Wren On the Run. It's hilarious - I take part in these things, have a great time making and sending my stuff, then often butterfly off to something else and clean forget that I will be receiving anything. Hence I was genuinely surprised when a box came from America. Inside, once I unwrapped it from its ribbon tied tissue, was the most scrumptious silk and wool yarn in jewel tones.
That in itself would have been excitement enough, but the nub of this swap was that there were lots of goodies wound into the ball. The idea was that as you worked with the yarn, the goodies would drop out, but I couldn't wait and had to rewind the ball to get to all the goodness inside!

And what goodies there were! My fabulous haul includes mini spiral clips, a Nick Bantock postmark stamp, samples of decorative paper, crochet thread, the weeniest set of pencil crayons I have ever seen, blue sealing wax and most exciting of all for me, a luscious silk cuff, beaded to perfection

All in all, a most satisfactory swap!
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