Friday, July 21, 2006

Final leg of the journey

(Apologies that this took so long to add - the power has been shonky all day!) I was so glad to meet the lovely Elizabeth and daughter - it made a great break before the extremely long drive to Cambridgeshire. I was so glad to get there. Maz took me to her altered book group in the evening where we had pizza and ice-cream in my honour (bless) and I taught the ladies a bit about SoulCollage.

I'd done that at the retreat too but timed it wrongly as no one felt relaxed enough with new folk to share their interpretations of the cards they made. At the book group it was quite the reverse and I was deeply moved by the way everyone opened up with their cards. I think that's what stuns me with this process - that the simple act of collaging images opens up so deep a window into the soul. One person unwittingly gave herself permission to feel cleansing and necessary anger while another articulated her tentative steps into a new phase in her life. I'll share my cards (one from the Retreat and one from the group) in a separate post over the weekend.

there will be some photos soon, I promise!
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