Friday, July 21, 2006

My wonderful week

I've just spent a week with various creative women - all of whom as well as sharing their art, have offered friendship and kindness. That's the second time I've typed that sentence. There was lots more, but then the builders who are making a whole new housing estate in the field across from us must have hit the cable - no power just as I pressed the enter key!

Biggest shouts must go to Sarah-Jane for organising the Lake District Arty Retreat (ably abetted by her fab daughter Kate) and Kari and Maz for their wonderful hospitality when I stayed with them in Scotland and Cambridgeshire respectively. Every woman I met at the Retreat was wonderful, but the ones I want to mention in dispatches are Pat (what a talent), Julie (who was so lovely that the first words I blurted out to here were 'oh, you're so pretty!') and my good twin (cos I was the evil one) Fiona who was my companion to Scotland. I was also very taken with Karen's son Matt - even at the tender age of 13 he has an air of solid dependability (defintely without an ounce of wussiness) - I suspect that he has a great future ahead of him.

I didn't make/alter as many items as I hoped, but when the camera recharges I will post pics of the altered handbag, clock hand ATC, chunky book and transparent encasing thing that I 3D doodled with one evening. (I had been enjoying the Stampington Transparent Art book the previous day). I did however stay up until past 4am talking to SJ - not a drop of alcohol passed my lips so I can't even blame the demon drink for that.
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