Monday, June 03, 2013

Being kind to myself

I'm transitioning from one job to another this week.

I've been a contract accountant for rather a long while now and have fallen into the habit of going directly from one role to another without a break.  Good sense financially, but for once I thought a bit wider and  decided to be kind to myself by taking a week off.  I've hit lucky with the weather, so that in itself makes the week seem like an extra special bonus

So, what to do with the week?  I've a day charity shop touring with my lovely friend Jill (and I know exactly where we're going for lunch!) and a day with my hubby.  I've got the computer repair man booked and a craft fair to visit with the lovely Elly.  I have to squeeze in a visit to Sarah if we can sort out a time. I've got a long list of possible things I might want to do, but have promised myself that I don't have to do any of them unless I want to

Today though, has been busy already.  The garden's been a bit neglected as I'm a fair weather gardener, and the weather has been anything but that for rather a long time.  Yesterday, inspired by the return of the sun, we went and bought some plants to restock. Now, I don't really know what I'm doing with plants, so I buy what I like and put them where I think they'll look nice.  Oddly, my taste currently seems to accidentally be on a yellow/acid green and purple scheme

This morning I was out gardening by 8.30.  There was a whole run of shrubs that were lushly overgrown, so out came my favourite loppers and shears....

Yes, that is a lawn rake on top.  This pile was over knee high

I was quite pleased with this planting

 and this one

Planting above the rodent graveyard led to a tense time with the border spade
but not so chuffed to see these little visitors who had been hiding in an old plant pot

(I'm hoping the blackbirds have been busy over lunch time....)

So, a short afternoon and then I'm picking up an excited daughter and friend from school to take them to a manga evening in a comic store.  Mother love or what!
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