Friday, May 03, 2013

That's more like it

My last batch of bread dough was very tasty, but it just wouldn't rise as much as I wanted. Something had to be done....
I perused and planned, made my dough and added an extra 25 grammes of flour as I felt every dough so far has been too wet, even for this no knead high moisture technique.
After a few days lounging in the fridge, the dough was beautifully chilled when I finally had time to play.  I formed it into a plait and let it rise as per the recipe,
 gave it an egg wash and then into the oven.

The smell as it baked was amazing and the end result -a beautiful looking chollah. 

The whole family was tortured by the wait until it cooled, but oh my life, it was worth the impulse control.  I've always loved this type of bread, but my bake was magnificent both with and without butter.  My teen son very seriously informed me that it is the best bread he's EVER eaten.  Thank goodness I froze the other half of the dough for a future treat
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