Thursday, June 06, 2013

A day with a friend is like a holiday for the soul

Jill and I went out for the day, poking around the charity shops of Long Eaton.  We hoped to find lots of knitting and crochet related things, but it was an almost yarn free town.  We managed to pick up a copy of Have You Any Wool and I was delighted to find a barely used Royal wool winder (why yes, I do already have a different ball winder, thank you for paying attention - now I have a spare!). 
One shop had a dedicated retro and vintage area which was truly wonderful. I was a bit over stimulated, so forgot to take pictures of such wonders as the 1940s cooker in mint condition, the old milk rack, the sledges, the old ice skates, the typewriters......  Jill and I agreed that we were in heaven picking out things from our childhood/teendom.
It was in this shop that I found something that I've been looking for over the past 8 years or so. As an accountant I often have to explain budgeting to people who just don't get it. As a prop to illustrate the principles I've had in mind something that my auntie had when I was a child

Ta da - a thrift box!  I just love the labels on this one.
Something else found its way onto the counter.  

The heaviest iron in the world, ideal for dressmaking when instructed to PRESS rather than iron.  It's wonderful and comes PAT tested

We both adored the old fashioned drapers in the town - Rowells. I was mentally transported to the top of Grimsby's Freeman Street in the 70s and 80s -  Swabys?  Think of the famous Two Ronnie's fork handles sketch but with linens.  Again, no photos, but there is a great set on flickr, here
We rounded off the outing with lunch at The Beetroot Tree.  New to Jill but just her kind of thing. I was so pleased as I thought it would appeal to her
Back at her house, she kindly gave me some plants, so my garden is starting to fill nicely
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