Saturday, June 10, 2006

My first SoulCollage card

Here's the I Am exercise that flowed from this

I am the one who is young
I am the one who wears make up
I am the one dressed in and surrounded by flowers
I am the one who is slightly scared, finding myself in foreign
lands, out of my depth
I am the one whose mind is in a whirl
I am the one who is enjoying the heat of the sun

I give you permission to be curious
I give you time to stop and smell the roses
I give you vulnerability and openness
I give you femininity
I give you an open future

I want you to accept and welcome your fears, your feelings of
I want you to protect me
I want you to be adventurous
I want you to honour your femininty
I want you to have fun
I want you to care

I want to tell you I am always inside you. Remember me, remember
being young - you are still that woman. I want to tell you that you
will survive even if you feel out of your depth. I want to tell you
that it is OK to be confused, to not know, to not have all the

I will remember when I see roses, raffia or swirls; when I hear the
chatter and laughter of teenage girls walking past.
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