Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Technical problems

I'm having great fun taking part in a CPS inspired canvas RR.

I worked on Maz's wonderful hexagonal canvas last night and I should think that her ears were burning. As beautiful as Brusho looks sprinkled - of course it is watercolour pigment, so any wet media just reactivates it...... talk about a technical challenge.

I pressed on (what else could I do?!) and I rather like the hot and steamy vibe of this so far - parts of a decorative serviette applied and more PVA glooped around to make the brusho smear and blend in places. Bear in mind that 3 other people have to work on the canvas before it returns to Maz and then if she want to it can go out into the second round. It is uber difficult to stop and leave space for other people to contribute.
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