Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Piccy piccy

I've been stuck on what to do in Maz's mini book from our arty weekend. Her theme is Begin - which is so close to my theme of grow that I've just blocked. So I got CPS yesterday and having had a discussion with Joy about neverdull, it reminded me of another technique that's related.

I was sorting through a box of images last night (why, I don't know - just seemed a good idea at the time) and found a baby, but I wanted to change the background. So, serendipitously, this technique was at the top of my mind.

This takes a bit of forethought or patience or maybe a heatgun? (ooh - that would add texture.......... off in a thought bubble)

So, find a magazine pic or something on glossy paper (I assume - not tried it on other things). and decide which parts of the image you wish to keep. With this image, I wrote lightly in pencil over the baby's head first (not what is visible here) - more to experiment to see what effect it would have. Then smooshed some Shiva like stencil sticks over the face to recolour it a bit. Once you've messed around with the image, coat the areas you want to keep in a reasonable layer of PVA glue. After about an hour or so, I scrawled in the still wet but getting tacky PVA with a pencil - that's the writing that you can see on the poor babe's head - some of it reglooped together but most of the marks stayed clear. Again - just experimenting on the hoof

I let it dry overnight then this morning I rubbed the entire image with Brasso - get the liquid not the wadding format and don't give it an almighty sniff to see what it smells like - almost knocked myself out in Tescos doing that!. The printing came off everywhere but where the PVA was - including my late night scrawling. To colour the background I used the Babywipes and acrylic paint method that Claudia taught to me (who got it from Paperartsy Leandra y'know)

so at least I have a start to that spread.....

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