Thursday, April 10, 2014

First steps are always hard

My lovely son is planning to build his own computer. We thought he would want it in his bedroom, but apparently he has planned for it to go in the Xbox /ex craft room. He pointed out that therefore the old, ancient neglected PC would need to be removed and that whole corner sorting out.

Unfortunately for me, he slept through his alarm this morning and I didn't. So, what else do you do when you're up at the arse crack of dawn (does 6.30am have to exist on a Sunday?!), but MAKE A START.

I felt quite giddy putting a whole box of half used bottles of cheap poster paint in the bin. I did contemplate who I could give them to/palm them off on, but saved everyone from that.  I ran out of steam very quickly though.  I have Mr Universe strength hoarder genes and they fight dirty with their whispers of nostalgia, avarice and regret.  So, I'm caught between the exhilaration of clearing, the fear of trashing something irreplaceable I'll want in some nebulous future time and the deep rabbit hole of memories tied up in things.

Blimey, this wasn't the post I wanted to write, but maybe it was what I needed to.

What I intended to write was that I have started to sort out craft bits and bobs and that I'll keep going with it then maybe sell it all on for ridiculously low prices, what do you think?  Would anyone be interested?
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