Saturday, March 08, 2014

Spinning light

It seems forever ago but I joined in with a Christmas swap on Ravelry.  The rules were that it had to include a knitted or crocheted decoration, the spend was to be around a fiver and the theme was 'White'.  A handmade card was optional.
I got a bit confused around the decoration and thought it was just to be hand made. Lucky I checked before I started making anything as I'd lots of beautiful papercraft ideas pinned on pinterest!  

I knew that as a newbie spinner I fancied spinning something for my lovely recipient, but as I'd been practicing on a number of natural wools from different breeds I knew I didn't want to do the same.  Inspiration struck and I sourced some beautiful punis from an etsy seller:

After all, when you split white light, you get a rainbow.  I gave myself an additional challenge by spinning two plies rather than chain plying a single.
I had to break off a little when the plies got out of step, but I was surprised at how consistently I managed to spin. 
I found it hard to stop taking photos of the skein when it was on the niddy noddy.
 and despite it looking like a tangled mess before it had its final bath,
it turned into a beautiful skein of rainbow goodness -  192 yards from 40 grammes  at about a 4 ply weight I think

I hope my recipient loves what I made as much as I did.  I'm hoping to see it made up into something one day
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