Thursday, October 10, 2013

Heavenly Easy Lemon Meringue Ice Cream

Many years ago I worked in the Sainsburys in the Arndale Centre in Doncaster.  Very occasionally, the canteen would make this ice cream and it always went down a storm.  I eventually prised the recipe out of the canteen manager and I was shocked at how simple and easy it was

So, ready for a huge list of ingredients?

1 large pot of double cream (600ml)
1 454g jar of lemon curd
1 pack of meringue nests (there were 8 in mine)

That's it


I suppose you could make your own lemon curd and meringue nests if you're that way inclined

So, whip your cream until it's stiff

Add the lemon curd - all the jar

Roughly crush the meringue nests and fold everything together

You can decide how combined you want the cream and lemon curd - if you want it uniform you could fold those two ingredients together to your liking and then add the meringue, but I like the little blobs and swirls of lemon curd

Either spoon into individual moulds (clean empty yogurt pots are fine) or into a container and freeze overnight

There's no need to stir or whip

You can eat the unfrozen mixture as a fool type dessert, but it might be a bit strong/sweet as the proportions are intended to counter the flavour dulling effect of freezing

Once frozen, this is how it looks

And it scoops out beautifully

Now, confession time - I picked up the smaller pot of cream by mistake so my ice cream is more lemony than you may get - still tastes lovely though

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