Friday, August 20, 2010

Thank you universe

I had a lovely lunch time yesterday.  I had to go into town to do some shopping and just happened to be able to arrange to meet If the knit fits... at a local cafe.  It was one of those days when everything falls right.  I had the choice of two parking spaces where normally they are all used up and despite the cafe being rammed with people, I got an outside table.  We had a lovely hour together over drinks and cakes (slab of custard slice for me, jam and cream scone as big as a baby's head for ITKF) then I had to move the car so we parted ways.  I did my shopping then had just enough time for a charity shop and RESULT!

ITKF is convinced that I have mad skills in attracting great charity shop finds.  I dunno, I'm open to whatever is in there and maybe it's just the law of averages as I don't report on the many times I leave empty handed.  Yesterday was not one of those times.

My first stop was the books and I could not resist the Country Diary Book of Crafts as it is packed full of things to make and it is so redolent of its time (plus it was a bargainous 50p).  I wanted to wander over to the bric a brac next, but a woman was stood there, chatting.  I thought I could see something exciting lurking near her leg, so I hoped she had finished looking and was on her way out..... 

Looking around in a slightly frustrated way, I happened to spot something I've been wanting for ages - a pouffe! A bit grubby, but the right size and shape, so it was mine.  Ther's a tiny, tiny split in one of the side seams, so I can see it's insides are straw, but that's great.  I'm doing an evening class in soft furnishings and dress making this term (I want to learn about adjusting for fit), but this means I have a furnishing project - a cover for the pouffe!

By this time the woman was just making her way out of the door and yes! my eyes were not deceiving me - that IS a ball winder in lovely packaging.  I swooped (as if anyone else would be interested) and it's not just a ball winder - it's a Daruma Home twister.  Extra super as I've just received a ton of machine knitting yarn through freegle and it's all a bit too thin for my needs

Sum total of this happiness was below £10, so I rounded it up for love.  I got three items of wonder and a blast of gratitude - how lucky am I?!
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