Sunday, August 22, 2010


OK, the red stuff is - jelly!

Almost a week ago I finally got round to using up some out of date jelly and made it extra thick so I could do some gelatine printing.  Life kind of took over and I didn't get to it, so it has sat waiting quite happily in the fridge until this afternoon.

I followed various instructions on the internet and must say that I really enjoyed this initial foray.  Unfortunately my phone decided to have a dicky fit, so here are some mangled photos before it got its proverbial knickers untangled from the twist it had them in!

Then finally the phone got its act together so


DD joined in with the second half of the prints and after the very quick clean up, arrived with a very clear statement:

We're going to edit the prints and work more on them during the week - seeing how long the jelly will last, what else we can print on and with, so watch this space!
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