Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vintage Sewing - lucky me!

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Back in the mists of weeks ago, I was really happy to write about a fabulous charity shop find - the most darling snake charmer basket stuffed to the gunnels with wonderful sewing and knitting things.   Here's a collage tour for your delectation - if anyone wants to see larger pics of any of the items, just let me know and I'll oblige.

Personally, I'm taken with:
- the old cotton reels - there's an eau de nil one which I love, plus a darker wood large reel that is  swoonworthy by itself
- British Safety Pins - would this be a wartime packaging - very sparse
- hand painted green buttons - teeny tiny mushrooms
- advertising descriptions on the needles
- old bags - memory lane
safety pin box - bless!

and more - summarised as 'I love it all!'
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