Saturday, March 13, 2010

Linda's shawl pin

Linda's shawl pin
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Lightly textured side

Linda's shawl pin, reverse

Heavily textured size (sorry, had to get it heavily shadowed to stop the light glaring off it)

Here's Linda's shawl pin that she commissioned from me when we met at the knitting show in Harrogate in November. It's taken me some time to fulfil her request, and she's been very patient, so I hope that she likes the finished product.

This pin came out lighter than my original piece and slightly more organic. I love it and think it's easier to wear than my first one. I was almost tempted to keep it - I'll just have to make another instead.

Now I've got visions of daddy bear, mummy bear and baby bear sizes!

and as Sarah requested it, shawl pin as pendant

Linda's shawl pin in pendant mode
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