Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Breathing and promises

I just heard that Linda has received her shawl pin safe and sound and she loves it. I am so relieved and happy!

She has promised to send me pics of it in use on the shawl that she has designed to wear with it, so I may be able to share if that's OK with her.

I've already planned what I'm going to make at jewellery class next term - I'll be greatly improving my soldering skills because I'm going to make a chain. Depending on how I get on, it might be a necklace or it might be a bracelet.....

I did make something else last half term, but I can't share it as I've not sent it to the person it's for yet. I've got so much post to send - must get my finger out! There's also something special I made for DD, but again it's for a special occasion in her life so I couldn't possible post a pic up yet. I can't hurry the last one, but I can get the post sorted then I can share a little make....
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