Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mad flurry

I've had a mad flurry of posts cos I uploaded a few pics to Flickr. Plus I wanted to get all the PC stuff done so I can do what needs to be done today - lots of tidying. It's our 10th wedding anniversary today so DH has taken the day off and we are having our best man and bridesmaid over for the weekend. Lots of talking and eating will ensue, but I have to empty my studio to turn it back into a formal dining room before that can happen.

See, just as you thought I was sliding off into personal stuff, there is an art reason for it!

I've been catching up on so many projects recently - spurred on by a return to full time, out of the house, blissfully with adults rather than children type employment at the end of the month. Hence the grand announcement -


Sadly one person didn't follow through with their pages, but at last everyone else has. Thank you to all participants for having the patience to wait for people who had severe real life problems get in their artistic way. The books are well, well worth the wait and I have bound every page in a different order, just for the fun of it. I haven't put covers on - I tried two types and they just detracted from the wonder of them, so they are a little bit naked but I'd rather you all get them rather than me hang on to them for another week figuring out what else I could do. They should go out Monday at the very latest - depending on how the tidying goes I suppose!
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