Thursday, October 12, 2006

I've been named and tagged

So I'd better do it, eh?!

Have You Ever:

1) Taken a picture completely naked? Of me? Nope. Of someone else - yep - my babies! More intriguingly, I have a strong mental image of a long past crush from my single days - how the heck did he end up naked and me still fully clothed? yum yum.......

2) Danced in front of a mirror naked? Ewww - not for years - because of the effect of the babies in 1) mainly!

3) Told a lie? I'd be lying if I said no

4) Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back? Many, many times (see 1) and I'm sure I've done the reverse too

5) Been arrested? Not even close to it

6) Seen someone die? Not yet

7) Kissed a picture? Of course

8) Slept in until 5pm? Ah - student years!

9) Had sex at work? No - but been sexually harrassed by my manager at work - may he rot in hell

10) Fallen asleep at work? Yes - head down on the desk in my first job after college - never again

11) Held a snake? Many times - had a boyfriend into reptiles who used to let his python (no sniggering) just roam the house - I once tickled it and it scarily, swiftly tightened around my hand

12) Ran a red light? By accident - yes

13) Been suspended from school? Nah - far too much a goody two shoes - only ever had lines once

14) Pole danced? Nope - it would have to be reinforced! The local pub has a room set up for lessons and they don't even put pole dancing on there

15) Been fired from a job? I suspect if I hadn't have left the job in 10) I would have

16) Sang Karaoke? No way - I couldn't carry a tune if it was in a bucket

17) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? Oh so many, many times. See 1) again

18) Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? The kids do it to me regularly

19) Laughed until you peed? Since the kids - so much more frequently

20) Caught a snowflake on your tongue? I love that - rare and getting rarer here

21) Kissed in the rain? DH proposed on a rainy afternoon in York, 10 weeks after we met (and we lived 200 miles apart so had only seen each other about 6 times)

22) Had sex in the rain? Not outside, but it's kind of nice with the rain on the window

23) Sang in the shower? Occasionally

24) Gave your private parts a nickname? Not a chance

25) Ever gone to work without underwear? No. I do like to wear very nice underwear if I've got a scary presentation or such to do - a hidden confidence!

26) Sat on a rooftop? On the top of the bay window in my childhood home

27) Played chicken? Too much of a scaredy cat

28) Been pushed/thrown into a pool with all your clothes on? No way - I swim like a brick

29) Broken a bone? Not a one - funny I was thinking about that today

30) Flashed someone? Often hubby while he's on the phone

31) Mooned Someone? See 30)

32) Skinny Dipped? See 28), plus Cleethorpes is too damn cold any time of the year - River Humber/North Sea anyone?

33) Shaved your head? No, but did have it number 4 on the clippers all over

34) Slept Naked? Used to - now HAVE to have my bum covered or I don't sleep well at all. DH thinks I'm afraid of the mythical bottom inspectors

35) Blacked out from drinking? Oh indeed, see 8)

36) Played a prank on someone? Yep - best one was on the student neighbour who reckoned he was in the SAS (I suspect TA really). We got into his acommodation and took all of his lightbulbs out and put them in his fridge. Upshot - he is in the dark, eventually finds the bulbs, puts one in, but when he switches it on the temperature extremes causes it to blow.

37) Had a gym membership? Yes, infrequently

38) Felt like killing someone? Used to have PMT really bad - once had an argument with the BF before DH and 'came to' as we were stood at the top of the stairs - me with hands on his chest - poised to push him down

39) Cried over someone you were in love with? Oh so many, many times

40) Had Mexican jumping beans as pets? Older flashy cousin had them

41) Been in a band? See 16) - been friendly with a band though (not that way)

42) Shot a gun? Yes - I shot the clay pigeon the very first time I used a rifle and then couldn't shoot any more for laughing

43) Shot a bow and arrow? Yes, very badly. Freakily, the organiser of our local archery club once apropos of nothing informed me that as well as being a cabinet maker, he has a specialist business making BDSM furniture

44) Played strip poker? No - don't know how to play poker

45) Donated blood? Once but it made me have a full on, Exorcist style fit in the donation hall, so never again

46) Ever jump out of an airplane? No - not my thing

47) Been to more than 10 countries?? Not yet

Well that's a lot of stuff you now know about me.

OK, I tag Maz and Jill
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