Tuesday, April 21, 2015

There's got to be some benefits!

It's been a bit of a month or so in our household.  I've had a long running cold that turned into a chest infection, my son passed his driving test first go and hubby managed to miss a step on the stairs and broke a bone in his foot.  I was away at spinning guild for the day, and fortunately I had my phone turned on (a rarity) and heard it (even more rare),  A rush home and a trip to the Urgent Care Centre confirmed that he had broken a bone in his foot, so we came home with two crutches and a moon boot.

Three days later and he decided he wanted to go to work.  On the train.  To Birmingham.  Without any medical aids.  Wearing walking shoes.............  Men!  Anyhow, I did what I could and offered to take him to the station, and pick up if required.  At this point I realised that his train leaves our station before 6.45.  Hence I had a lot of time to enjoy the morning before going to work myself.  I had a leisurely breakfast, hung out the washing, looked at our sleeping rats and still had time to enjoy the morning sunlight with a bit of spinning - total bliss!

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