Friday, October 10, 2014

Being brave

I did something big today.

For years I was obsessed with paper crafts, especially rubber stamping.  I spent a small fortune on them, even sourcing rarities from the USA.  However, eventually my interests moved on and my supplies just sat marinating but neglected and taking up space.

I had to move my beloved stamps and Bisley cabinets into the garage to make room for the pet rats, so today I called on the awesome resources of my friend Marian  and she has taken them all away, to be sold onto people who will actually use them.

For me this is huge.  So much of my time and resources were tied up in these supplies and my identity too.  I felt some pangs looking at my favourite stamps that I adored so much:  images I searched for over months; stamps that came from a maker who has since died; ones that I bought and have never been cut from the sheet, let alone stamped with.  All loaded into someone else's car and gone.

I feared what that would feel like but it feels right, freeing and timely. There's more, so much more to go, but it's a start

Good bye papercrafter Laura.  You were great, but it's time to let you go along with the beauteous Bisleys

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