Friday, July 20, 2012

It's all good

At home in between contracts again, but life is good

I went to the fabulous Fibre East festival last weekend and lovingly stroked a vintage row counter, just what I'd been looking for, but not at the price they were asking (well over £25).

Today I took my two to my mum's and went round every charity shop in her town, asking to see the knitting goodies hidden under the counter.  There were many, many needles, a few gauges, surprisingly few crochet hooks and wool was like rocking horse droppings. I didn't get to see any patterns (I need more of them like I need an extra foot) as another woman was doing the rounds and scouring the pattern folders. In the very last shop, they have a vintage section upstairs and there, shining out at me, was the very thing I've been looking for and less than a fifth of the festival price.  I've not got a photo yet, but it was very like this one, but without the needle sizer down the side.

I drove all the way home feeling happy!
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