Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Picking up the reins

I have a lot of things I want to blog about, not least of which is a wonderful giveaway that I won.  I've failed in getting my photos of that one so far (too busy using a lot of what I won!) so I shall post that one another day.

Today though - a fun day.  I started off with an interview - still waiting to hear on that one, so shh, no tempting fate.  Now I could have gone straight back to the train station and gone home, but instead I walked from one side of Nottingham city centre to the other, up to a new wool shop that's opened - Knit Nottingham.  On the way I walked past a wee lad in a fancy dress costume.  I waited until I was almost level, then just at the right moment and volume, gasped 'Ooh, Buzz Lightyear', then floated down the road to the sound of his delighted, secretive giggles.

I found the wool shop without any problems - it's only a hop and skip up from the Victoria Centre - close enough to town to be buzzy, far enough away to make you feel as though you're in a lovely community and supporting a truly local business.  All the time I was there, people were popping in-  for sales, advice, details of upcoming workshops and even just for a friendly chat.  I really enjoyed the inclusive, welcoming feel that Eleanor, one of the co-owners is building - to the point where I happily sat, knitted and had a cup of tea with her.  Definitely not the treatment you get in larger establishments, or my nearest craft shop come to think of it.

The shop itself is quite small and as I described it on Ravelry is a good range of basics spiced with some fabulous artisan makes, mixed with vintage and served with a great slice of friendliness.  I saw some beautiful handspun / hand dyed and great handmade crochet hooks - all mixed in with good value acrylics in shades that your usual Wilkinsons etc don't carry.  There was a good variety of wools for the size of shop - I was a bit mind blown by my interview to remember makes etc so apologies!

I was frustrated that I had no money in my purse - they are still waiting for their chip and pin machine so that might be worth bearing in mind if you visit.  There is a fee charging cash machine nearby and a free one about a 5-10 minute walk away, but by this time it was chucking it down so I resisted temptation.  I did scrape up £1 to buy a pack of knitters finishing needles - finding them is like hens teeth sometimes so that pleased me!

So, in summary - a good addition to Nottingham's wool shops that I hope is going to grow over time

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