Sunday, April 11, 2010

More grumping and a plug

So I had lots of plans for yesterday.

I HAD to go to my friend's open studio as I was lending her my big teapot, then there was the question of all the housework that has been neglected for a week due to the great almost teen clothes hunt that took up two evenings, knitting group and general can't be arsedness

Trouble was, I woke up with a mean migraine - the head in a nail lined vice, buzzing ear, constant nausea type. I fulfilled my teapot duty but truth be told, I wasn't seeing clearly enough to fully appreciate Sarah's wonderful yarns. How I managed to back the car out of her drive without scraping it I don't know, but the homing instinct was strong. I got home OK but just flung myself into bed where I stayed all day, just getting up in time for the Grand National but I stayed marooned on the sofa for the rest of Saturday.
I'm on the way back up now, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to join in the 4th International Morsbagging Sunday - see - maybe you'll join in?
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