Saturday, July 25, 2009

A flicker of activity

You never know, I could get going on this again, but how many times have I said that? Not as many times as I've thought it and done nothing about, but hmm, we'll see.

I continue to enjoy knitting and I have even wielded a rubber stamp in the last month - to make pretty labels for my homemade strawberry jam.

Anyhow, I've fallen in love - with Polyvore. I'm not sure of how legal some of the image grabbing is with this site, but the joy of fiddling with images is really stimulating for me at the moment. Given the lack of creativity in me (as has been the case for about the last 18 months at least), I'm riding the wave!

And so here's a sample of what I've been doing - what do you think?

I'm going to follow a few other people and do some soul collage with this site - but I still love cutting out and pasting - there's definitely different feelings for these digital pics
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