Tuesday, August 22, 2006

When Maz returned from Kari's degree show, she talked to me about how inspiring it was to see artists create a body of work exploring a theme. I've been mulling over this ever since and have finally come up with a workable concept. I'd like to invite anyone who wishes to join with me and share a blog with all participants.

The idea is that each person picks a theme or object that they will work with over an extended period. Either bi-weekly or monthly (to be decided between participants) the group will be given a technique to try with the subject of the piece being the theme or object. In the example I gave Maz, maybe the first month I would have to draw a pear in pencil, then in the second month I would have to create an embroidered pear, the third a print etc etc

I'd like people to join me and would also love some suggestions for a name for the blog we could show our work on
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