Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Go on, you know you want to!

Hostess: Me!
Participants: max 30 - across different boards/groups
Sign-up and payment by: 31st May
Status: sign ups
Completion: 31st July


Chunky book - Theme 'Words to Live By'

Make a 4 x 4 page on the theme of your favourite inspirational quotation. You will need to make as many pages as there are artists. That means if the swap is full you will have to make 30 pages.

Artists who sign up are asked to contact me for my address, in order for them to provide a £5 payment before the sign up closes, covering all UK postage, binding and base materials. After that time I will send the correct amount of prepunched pages to each paid up participant (thus enabling more 3D work to be included). I will accept completed pages up to but not beyond the closing date and will not give a refund if a player fails to send their pages within the dates specified.

Once received, I will collate and comb bind the books and return them to each artist.

If any non UK players wish to participate, please contact me privately
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